Employee Benefits

Balancing your employees’ needs and your bottom line can be tough. Our employee benefits specialists are here to help you navigate. From analyzing claims and reducing costs to educating employees on health care plans, our team has the answers and expertise you need so you can focus on your business. Simply put, we’re experts in group health plans so you don’t have to be.

We offer comprehensive service, from planning to enrollment including:

  • Plan implementation
  • Claims data analysis
  • Education, training and communication tools
  • Enrollment tools
  • And more

Situational Analysis

Get peace of mind from data-based decisions. To select the right plan and provider, you need an accurate idea of your complete employee benefits cost. We factor in your internal resources, industry compliance needs, healthcare cost trends and more to give you a thorough analysis. Using that data, we evaluate, negotiate and recommended the best combination of coverage and pricing for your employees.

Cost Management Tools

Save time, money and frustration. What happens once your plan is in place? We recommend a proactive approach to help keep costs in check. From workplace wellness programs to analyzing claims data, we can guide you through a variety of measures that help combat rising costs.

Value-Added Services

Expand your team without adding personnel. Our HR tools can help increase your existing team’s capacity. Our employee seminars are designed to help educate employees, promote health care consumerism, and reduce expenses. They also provide an atmosphere for team building. Together, we can determine the topics that best suit your needs. We also can also provide you with educational articles and newsletters to keep you informed of hot benefits and HR-related topics.

Compliance Resources

Improve productivity & the bottom line. OSHA and safety culture support can help reduce premiums and keep your workplace running smoothly and safely.

Workplace Wellness

Increase employee productivity and reduce healthcare costs. We can build a customized a wellness campaign specific to your company and employee needs. Through our online services, we can provide payroll stuffers, posters, employee newsletters and educational flyers on health and more.

AOL offers customized levels of support that meets your needs and budget—from training your team to complete benefits administration on your behalf. Let us show you how the right partner can support employee recruitment and retention efforts, keep healthcare costs in check and streamline the entire benefits process. Contact us today for a free assessment

“I have had the pleasure of working with both Theresa, and Eddie on insurance policies for both personal and business. They answered any questions I had and were very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Jacki Kuehne