“Our family farming and cattle feeding business had been with our previous company for over fifty years.

We were reviewing and comparing insurance from several different agencies and companies. Melinda Robinson immediately started working and spent countless hours taking line item by line item comparing rates and coverage for the many facets of our operation. She is very detailed and competent and checked each item thoroughly consulting us numerous times with questions making sure everything was covered correctly. She brought many items to our attention that we had not considered previously and then gave us several options for rates and coverage. The finalized coverage and payment plan we chose saved provided substantial monetary savings plus we had much more coverage than with the previous company.

Melinda was very professional and we felt she had our best interest in mind as she worked. We appreciated her immediate attention and diligent work to complete our plan quickly and efficiently while still being very hospitable and easy to work with. After our initial call to the different companies, Melinda had much of her work done for us before any other company, including our previous company, contacted us to even set up an appointment. She was prompt to call back if we had questions or other items to consider.”

Benson & Julia McClarren and families, B K McClarren LLC